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What is this blog?! It’s my happy place! This space is part extension of my wedding planning business, Blue Palm Events. We’ll talk about recent weddings, industry trends, events in the making, DIY tips, all things nuptial. The other part is inspiration for your life- musings on motherhood, southern living, travel, spirituality, family, and good food.

Who am I? Christine Cox, wedding planner and owner of Blue Palm Events. I have 3 boys: ages 45, 10 and 6. <wink> I love: Jesus, my family, cheese, laughter, old friends, Ella Fitzgerald, Mexican food, the mountains, naps, Venice, cheese, old houses, white wine spritzers, the ocean, cheese, and running (because of all the cheese). I do not love: spiders, pretense, wastefulness, tight clothes (again, the cheese) or missing out on anything.

So this is a safe space to cozy up with a cup o’ Joe or a glass of vino, empty your mind of judgement or clutter, and open your heart. Whether you’re wedding planning or just browsing, journey with me to a breezy hammock under the palm trees and feel the stress wash away.